Rescue Groups of Onslow County


Friends of Animal Services​​​Improving the lives of shelter animals in Onslow County, FOAS was established to supplement the budget of our county funded shelter. As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, FOAS is able to provide supplemental funds in order to support projects, programs and treatments that would otherwise be out of reach for a county shelter under strict budgetary constraints.  In partnership with our shelter, Onslow County Animal Services, FOAS is dedicated to implementing an exemplary standard of care for the animals in our county.


Western Ferals Coloniesa rescue group who works with ferals in our community. We feed over 272 ferals. We take the kittens and the friendly adults, socialize them, fix them, test them, and find forever homes for them. We also maintain our colonies for the unsocial ones, fix them, and update their shots. We monitor their health and vet the ones that are sick in the colony.

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Rescue Groups of Carteret County


Pet Adoption & Welfare Society (PAWS) of CarteretPAWS was established to fill a need for an alternative animal shelter, improved animal care, and greater awareness of animal issues in Carteret County, North Carolina. PAWS brings new focus to adoption, spay/neutering, and community education and participation. PAWS is responsive to the needs of less fortunate animals in the community.

Island Cat Alliescommitted to managing the feral cat population of the Bogue Banks from Emerald Isle to Atlantic Beach. ICA is composed of volunteers who are dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of the many feral cats who live on our island. Our feral cats are managed through a program called TNR that stands for Trap-Neuter-Return. Under this program, cats are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian to be neutered or spayed and vaccinated. After recovery in the home of a volunteer, the cats are returned to their living area where a caretaker will provide food and water daily.  Although TNR is their primary purpose, they also have some friendly cats & kittens for adoption.

Other Rescue Groups for ENC


Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuaryprovides a wild animal facility for the rescue, treatment, and release of sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife. Promotes networking, communication, and cooperation among rehabilitators, wildlife organizations, and facilities on local, statewide, and national levels.

Cape Fear Raptor Center—The mission of Cape Fear Raptor Center is to provide compassionate and aggressive rehabilitation services to injured raptors with the goal of release back to their natural habitat.  Furthermore, we provide education to citizens of North Carolina  and the Southeastern region on the importance that raptors serve in our ecosystem in order to help ensure the presence of raptors in our environment for generations to come.


Jaded Paws Rescueworks around the clock to give "Pit Bulls" another chance at a happily ever after. Each and every dog taken in gets spayed or neutered, and are given any necessary medical treatment. However, even though we are a Bully Breed Rescue, we do not turn other animals away if we have the room and funds to take them on. We work patiently to re-acclimatize fearful dogs to the loving care of a human so that they may eventually be adopted. In some cases, these dogs have never had a kind word or touch, and it is a slow process. After determining temperaments and compatibility factors, we begin that long search for the perfect home. Until those perfect homes are found, our guys remain in foster homes through out the state. They are not in shelter type environments, as we do not see it as a good tool for their rehabilitation process, instead, they stay in loving foster homes until the day they get adopted.

JPR Pet Food Pantry–Jaded Paws also runs a pet food pantry in Jacksonville, NC. They can help with food and, as available, other supplies such as dog houses and cat carriers. 

Adoption 1st Animal Rescue Our mission is to work with donors, volunteers, county shelters, community businesses, and individuals to lower the euthanasia rate.  We are a nonprofit animal rescue based in Jacksonville, NC. We currently only do dog adoptions. All of our dogs come from shelters in the area that are at risk for euthanasia. Our rescue does not take in strays or owner surrenders - please contact your county shelter for those cases.

Ruby's Misfits Animal Rescuebased out of Onslow County. Our focus is saving dogs from high-kill shelters in the surrounding areas, and providing them a second chance at life by finding them “fur”ever homes.

Misplaced Muttsdedicated to rescuing dogs in shelters, and less than ideal home situations, throughout North Carolina. We are based out of Carteret County, North Carolina, and operate through a network of foster homes. We rescue dogs who are suffering on the streets and in shelters. ​We created Misplaced Mutts to help animals who suffer and die every year because of negligence and abuse. 

Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter (OWLS) - wildlife hospital where injured, sick, and orphaned native North Carolina wildlife is cared for in a professional and compassionate manner. Our mission is to rehabilitate and release the thousands of animals admitted to our clinic each year and to teach fellow North Carolinians how to happily and peacefully coexist with wildlife. OWLS has all the proper permits necessary to legally care for wild animals. We receive no state or federal funding.  It is through the generosity of the public that we remain in operational. Thanks to everyone for your support, past, present and future.

Francis, Florence and Friends Equine RescueHelping at risk and homeless equines, one soul at a time. This group was founded to help find homes for, network, and fundraise for these deserving horses, mules and donkeys. Our goal is to give a voice to the voiceless. No other animal in history has provided such servitude to man. It is our duty to take care of these beautiful, smart animals. Please join our fight, help educate, and help us, help them. 

Carolina Animal Protection Society of Onslow County, Inc (CAPS) - dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals, relief of suffering among animals, and extension of humane education. Our goal is to save cats and dogs that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected due to human discord. It's taken a lot of love, hard work, and dedication, but our animals make every day a joy for us!

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Local Animal Rescue Groups

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, let me work as your agent and I’ll donate 10% of my commission towards the rescue/shelter of your choice. I’m working on a list of local non-profits to pick from, starting with the groups that work directly with the Carteret or Onslow county shelters and adding more from there. Contact me if you’d like details, or would like to talk about your next sale or purchase!

*Here’s the fine print ;-) The 10% is figured from my net commission, not the gross commission on the sale. So if I list a property at 5% that sells for $100,000, but another agency represents the buyer, that 5% is split between the 2 offices. The $ paid to Bluewater is then split again between the office and me. So if my check is $1,500, I’ll donate $150 to a rescue.

Nationwide Rescue Groups


Dogs on Deploymenta national non-profit providing a central network for military members to find volunteers willing to board their pets while they are deployed or have other service commitments, making them unable to temporarily care for their pets. No pet should ever be surrendered to a shelter due to a military commitment. DoD exists to help military members keep their pets by alleviating the need for pet relinquishment from military members due to the hardships of deployments.